Jul 23

Weekend Cash Blast

Jessi Marlow - CashBlastPDX.com

Jessi Marlow – CashBlastPDX.com

Hello Friends,


First off, thanks to all who participated in this weekends blast of cash! It was really fantastic to see all the people who came out and their passion for the game. Throughout the festivities, there were many fun moments that were shared.  At the NE locations, it was reported that everyone was out to win! People moved and moved fast! In the downtown location, it took over two hours to find all the envelopes.  People were searching everywhere Рfrom the bottom of bushes to the tops of statues. The best part was that it was reported that individuals were working in teams. Whether it be a mother and her baby, a husband and wife, or a group of friends. It was truly great that they were willing to share this experience with other people from their own individual communities. In the SE location, some people participated with their pets! At Cash Blast, we love to see contestants share this experience with their pets, because just like our love for Frankie, we love seeing others share that same love for their own pets. Overall, it was a really fun weekend and we cannot wait to see you all at the next Cash Blast!


Happy Hunting!


Angie, Grace, and Jessi

Grace Thatcher - CashBlastPDX.com

Grace Thatcher – CashBlastPDX.com

Angelica Madrigal - CashBlastPDX.com

Angelica Madrigal – CashBlastPDX.com


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