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Jul 11

Frankie is Scouting Locations!

Frankie is out scouting locations to hide cash this summer! Do you have any ideas for Frankie?

Jun 19

Portland Cash Blast Locations

Today Frankie told us he would Blast Cash in at least 3 locations around Portland on July 19th 2014. Stand by for more clues!

Jun 18

Portland Cash Blast

Portland –¬†on July 19th 2014,¬†Frankie will start blasting ( Hiding ) cash across Portland, Oregon. * 33 Envelopes of Cash * 3 Main Locations * Downtown – 11 Envelopes * NE Portland – 11 Envelopes *SE Portland – 11 Envelopes * $20.00 to $100 in Each Envelope Stay tuned for clues to Portland Hidden Cash.