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Jul 14

How Much Will Frankie Giveaway?

How Much Will Frankie Giveaway? Frankie has been trying to figure out how much cash he can give away! What do you think Portland? How Much should Frankie Give Away?

Jun 24

Cash Blast Alert – Test Blast!

Frankie has decided that he needs to do a few Test Blasts leading up to the big Cash Blast on 7/19/2014. So this Friday 6/27/2014 Frankie will hide 2 Cash envelopes in downtown Portland. Stay tuned for clues!

Jun 23

Cash Blast Clues to Begin Soon

Portland – Frankie is putting together his clues to the cash and will start posting them soon, stand by.

Jun 22

Frankie May Be Hiding Cash Near You!

Today Frankie told us that on July 19th 2014 us he would hide cash in 3 locations – Downtown, NE Portland and SE Portland. Stay tuned for more clues.

Jun 21

Cash Blast Clue

Frankie told us today that the cash in each container would be from $20 to $100. Stand by for more clues as to where the cash might be.