Jun 18

Portland Cash Blast

Cash Blast PDX - Frankie

Frankie the Cash Blast Dog

Portland –¬†on July 19th 2014,¬†Frankie will start blasting ( Hiding ) cash across Portland, Oregon.

* 33 Envelopes of Cash

* 3 Main Locations

* Downtown – 11 Envelopes

* NE Portland – 11 Envelopes

*SE Portland – 11 Envelopes

* $20.00 to $100 in Each Envelope

Stay tuned for clues to Portland Hidden Cash.

Portland Cash Blast


  1. shirley

    How do I get clues?

    1. Nick Cunningham

      You wait till July 19th shirley:) welcome to the anticipation stage.

  2. Todd

    I’ll pay you $50.00 for the fifth clue?

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