Jun 26

Frankie’s Third Clue

Frankies Third Clue

Frankies Third Clue

Frankie says you should turn right when you see this sign.

Stay tuned for more clues.

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  1. Patricia Jordan-Parsons

    Hmmmm….this opportunity came at the right time….my family has struggled financially for as long as I can remember….this gives people opportunities and hope…. which for some is hard to come by these days…. I have been following the hints only downside is there is so many people probably who are going out this morning to find it…but I figured if I find it then its meant to be from my good lord above…. think I’m gonna put on my lucky ducks jacket!!!! I used to do property management and vacation rentals and I really enjoyed it but the company had to cut when economy got bad a few years ago not easy for people with families i have three and a husband…. it can be challenging yet so rewarding…. heck we can not even afford to buy a new van to haul all of us around at the same time and my husband works full time….we have a pickup my awesome husband and I Have to share I get up every morning at 5am to take him….on the way to fathers day strawberry festival my husbabd and older son have to ride in the back of our chevy colorado…. while I drove and my 5 & 9 year old beside me and we had a great time i guess my point is so many people take things for granted i know i sure have at certain points in my life…. i think many can relate to myself times are tough for people right now…. its hard seeing people galevanting with nose stuck up in the air while driving a 50 or 100000 car wearing shoes that equal a months wages….its hard to be of god during tough times because you see so many that could make a difference and help yet THEY DO NOTHING TO HELP….I mean why do people enjoy being mean and nasty….well I sure don’t…. I’m trying to get a home business started because I think I have a million dollar idea but no one will help I don’t have family that gives a damn been on my own since 17….you learn a lot that’s for dang sure…. it really makes people feel even more worthless knowing thwre is no one to help them….its sad….I decided not to let that get to me anymore and you can not serve god and money…. something I recently learned at 32…. praying he leads me to it or where i need to go in life and keep the faith no matter the obstacle…. ….yes it took me this long…. I am a bend native….Portland really has taught me a lot about myself I dont think I would have learned well there….if more companies followed suite once in a while, it just gives something for us portlanders to look forward too gives people hope…. if I find this envelope I would happily pay it forward somehow…. well I’m heading down there from clackamas area wish me luck!!!!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!!!

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