Jul 12

Frankie’s Cutest Friend

Portland Cash Blast Locations

Frankie the Cash Blast Dog

Hi All,
Frankie is wondering if there are any fellow pets out there who are just as excited about free money as he is! If so, send us some pictures!

Portland – Frankie would like you to vote “like” the photo you think is his cutest friend.
The winner will receive $200.00 and be announced on July 19th.
Frankie will personally deliver the Cash to the winner on July 21st.
Good Luck to All! Ruff, Ruff…

Click Here to Vote and Post your Photos: facebook.com/CashBlastPDX

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  1. chuck

    Cash Blast Pdx,

    This concerns the Frankie’s cutest friend contest, Nicole Martin does not deserve this money.
    She has gotten her father and friends to harass others entered in this contest, I being one of them. the attacks had gotten so bad that even though I was in the lead, I deleted my post from the competition and even had to delete my facebook profile.
    The chain of events where as followed. Nicole was a friend of mine under the Name of Chuck B. Kelley
    she sat on my page liking the post that I had made for a week involving this contest. She knew I was working hard to win it, I had personally emailed every one of my friends the direct link to my picture asking them to vote for me. I was in excess of a 100 votes above anyone. She then entered her dog in the contest using my strategy against me. after I sent you an email asking for her support. I asked her why she would do that to me. Then told me she needed the money more than I did. I then told her I asked you for support, but instead you decide to stab me in the back. That isn’t what friends do to each other. Shortly after I started getting emails from her father telling me to get some balls and to back off. I then informed him that I was doing this contest first and I had my own reasons for needing this money. The then told me to prepare myself for the back lash. I then did write her and say Really now you’re having your dad threaten me.. She then staqrted calloing me names like faggot and I then call her a name . Last night I started getting emails in my facebook inbox telling me to watch my back. i started getting phone calls on my home phone threatening me. It had gotten so bad that I had to delete my facebook account. She even had people posting lies about me saying that I cheat at contest at a local radio station which I have been in touch with the management involving those allegations . All not true. Now I am no longer in this contest due to this woman’s action, as well as those of her family and friends… I am demanding that this woman be disqualified and the prize be given to the next person. I am no longer in the contest so I cant benefit from it… But she is not deserving of this prize.


    Charles Brown

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