Jun 27

Frankie’s Cash Location

Frankie's Cash Location

Frankie’s Cash Location

Go east until you see the Golden Bike.

The first envelope of Frankie’s Cash is here under the Golden Bike!

You can see the location of the second envelope from here.

Good luck and send us your photo if you find Frankie’s Cash.


  1. Bill

    I was the lone person under the bike (next to American Apparel). DID NOT find any cash! Even looked in the unlocked bin. I scoured the area 15 feet outside the epicenter. Is this real?? Did you someone find it before me. As I said I was the only human circling around the maypole (bike)

    1. Katie

      Yes someone found them this morning around 11am.

      1. chuck

        no both were found before the tweet at 8;30′;s tweet even went out…

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