Jun 22

Frankie May Be Hiding Cash Near You!

Frankie May Be Hiding Cash Near You

Today Frankie told us that on July 19th 2014 us he would hide cash in 3 locations – Downtown, NE Portland and SE Portland.

Stay tuned for more clues.

Portland Cash Blast Locations

Frankie the Cash Blast Dog


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  1. Erin

    Oh, how fun! Let the games begin :O) I had seen the media about this happening in other cities…Thank you for doing this here…brings a fun bright spot. I know we all have our share of difficulties, I love being distracted from them. Good luck to all!

  2. Nick Cunningham

    This is so awesome im stoked. I was in the medallion hunt this year in PDX and discovered the spot it was hiding at but never hunted cause it was just the first clue! I mistaked E.B in the clue as the East Bank esplanades and searched its significance and saw it had vera katz statue! Man if i only had hunted that day! Bring it on hunters this guy will be finding alot of money come 7/19/2014. Already have ideas where they will be.:)

  3. Karen

    Can’t wait til July 19, 2014! Good luck to everybody!

  4. Elizabeth

    bring it on hunters
    From a portlander

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