Jul 03

A Letter From Jessi

Jessi Marlow - CashBlastPDX.com

Jessi Marlow – CashBlastPDX.com

Hi Friends!

Viewing the hunt at Wallace Park was one of the most exciting sites to see! When first hiding the cash, I could tell that people were on the move to find themselves some free money. The first envelope was artfully placed under the bleachers and was found within the first ten minutes. The second envelope, which was located behind a close by rock, was a little harder to spot. People were anxiously searching their news feeds in order to receive some sort of clue on where it could be hidden. I feel like I can honestly say that every square inch of that park was searched. Finally, after a Adventitious forty five minutes of watching people search for the last envelope of money, the cash was found!



P.S. We would never hid money in a trashcan!

Frankie's Cash - Location 1

Frankie’s Cash – Location 1

Frankie's Cash Location 2

Frankie’s Cash Location 2

Frankie wants to thank all the companies that have donated cash so far and are donating much more cash in the future. Stay Tuned Portland!

Frankie’s Donors:

Property Management Systems

Improvement Remodeling

RealPro Northwest

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