Jul 10

33 Envelopes of Cash Next Weekend

Jessi Marlow - CashBlastPDX.com

Jessi Marlow – CashBlastPDX.com

Hello Friends,

Today’s hunt was a fast one! At exactly 8:30am two envelopes containing $100 each were hidden  within the bushes of Ladd Circle Park in SE Portland. When hiding the money, I made sure to hide the envelopes out of the sight of any nearby individual. As many already know, the money was found within the first 10 minutes. When it comes to hunting the money,  I encourage  anyone and everyone to participate. That being said,  once the money is placed at 8:30am, it is out of our hands.

I look forward to seeing many faces next weekend 7-19-2014 for our blast of 33 envelopes throughout the Portland area.

Indeed, it should be great fun!

Happy hunting!


PS. The early bird catches the worm.


Frankie wants to thank all the companies that have donated cash so far and are donating much more cash in the future. Stay Tuned Portland!

Frankie’s Donors:

Property Management Systems

Improvement Remodeling

RealPro Northwest

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